Saturday, May 12, 2012

Race #5

Name: UAE Healthy Kidney
Date/Time: Saturday, May 12 at 8am
Location: Central Park
Length: 6.2 miles
Bib Number: 10065
Official Time: 1:18:05
Average Time per Mile: 12:35
Looking tired, but ready to run :)
This was my first race of the year where I really felt the sun beating down on me.  Fortunately, I remembered to put sunscreen on my face prior to leaving my apartment!  The official temperature was 55 degrees, but it felt much hotter out there!  It was just a relief to hit a patch of pavement that was shaded!! Regardless of the weather, I survived the run.  I decided prior to the race that I was going to run in honor of a couple of people I know that have faced (Edna Bates) and still face (Ben Bugbee) kidney issues.  This alone helped power me through a few stretches of the course!  I know how difficult it was and still is for them to deal with everything they face as a result of their kidney issues.  I didn't officially raise funds for the cause, but I did make a personal donation and would encourage you to do the same.  The link to donate to the National Kidney Foundation is here

I felt pretty good as I started the race.  My goal was to run under 12 minute miles.  According to my iPhone timing method, I managed to be just under 12 minutes at each of the first three mile markers.  My official 5k split was 37:20 so I think my timing was pretty accurate.  The first half of the course is also particularly more challenging because that is where all the hills lie so I was pretty pleased with myself as I hit that 5k marker.  I'm not sure what happened after that though.  Maybe I was dehydrated or maybe I had just exhausted myself on the first half of the course, but I noticed a bit of a drop in pace even though I was still trying my best to hit the mile markers at 12 minutes.  At mile marker 4, I was about 15-20 seconds over 12 minutes.  Miles 5 and 6 were closer to 13 minute miles.  I was pretty tired when I crossed the finish to the open arms of my very encouraging friend, Amanda!  I didn't think too much about my time at that point, but as I reflect on it now I am hoping that my slower pace was due to my lack of running this week because of the rainy weather and a work trip.  I will have to be better about that this week.  I will have to walk a fine line between preparing myself and not overdoing it as I have the Brooklyn Half coming up next Saturday.  I am confident I will finish that race, but I was hoping to clock consistent 12 minute miles for it.  That race will be on a much more flat course, but my timing issues in this race don't make that goal look too promising at this point.  Either way, finishing a race is still finishing a race and I am happy to have run for such a great reason today.

Happy to have another race under my belt!!
Here's hoping I make it through all four miles at Race #6 tomorrow!  Stay tuned...

Andrea :)

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