Tuesday, May 22, 2012


My friend Emily and I recently went to see the broadway show Memphis.  We had a great time catching up over lunch and cheesecake (yummy!!) at Juniors before heading next door for the show.  The musical numbers in the show are truly fantastical (this is not a typo...you'll have to go see the show for a full appreciation of the term).  The entire cast is very talented!!  The story is set in the 1950's in Memphis.  It spotlights both the changing music industry of the time and the struggles of an interracial couple to be free to love one another without having to keep it a secret from the world.  I enjoyed the show, but a couple of scenes were difficult to watch for me.  I know that things aren't perfect for interracial couples these days, but things sure have come a very long way in the past 50+ years.  My hope is that the world continues to grow and mature in this area to the point where race and ethnicity truly doesn't matter anymore.  I believe that things will continue to get better and better in this area, but off my soapbox and back to the show.  I was a little surprised by the way it ended.  I won't give it away because I definitely recommend you all go see the show as soon as possible!!  It was definitely worthwhile...especially since we got tickets for $29.50 - what a steal!

Let me know your thoughts if you are able to go check it out!!

Andrea :)

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