Monday, May 7, 2012

Race #4

Name: Run As One
Date/Time: Sunday, April 29 at 8:30am
Location: Central Park
Length: 4.0 miles
Bib Number: 10611
Official Time: 46:17
Average Time per Mile: 11:35

Upon checking my official race time on Sunday afternoon I proclaimed, "I can't believe it!!  I SET A PR!!"  Chris was very happy to hear I did well, but I'm not sure he initially realized how shocked and amazed I was by this feat.  I knew I could do it (run under 12 minute miles), but I wasn't sure I would be able to do it so soon or by so much!!  Two things were critical in this accomplishment - the weather was almost perfect for a run (sunny, but 45 degrees with very little wind or humidity) and two of my friends slowed their pace significantly to encourage and motivate me to push myself to my full capacity.  I am very proud of myself for pushing through the pain to attempt to keep the pace they were setting for me.  Run as One was a truly fitting theme for this race :)
Chris has really perfected the pre-race pic :)
The race itself was the exact course I had run in Race #2 so I was familiar with it and might even go as far as to say comfortable with it as I had a good run that day as well.  The first mile we just trudged through at a steady pace.  When we hit the mile marker, Reba asked if I took note of our pace and I indicated I believed we ran that mile in just under 12 minutes.  Reba said we should try to pick up our pace on the next section of the course since it was mostly flat/downhill.  I managed to do that as we finished that mile in roughly 11 minutes.  Mile 3 is the most hilly and was my most difficult.  Reba and Amanda kept a good pace, but had to slow up and wait for me to catch up a few times. I was very glad they stuck it out and stayed with me because I know that I would have fallen significantly off pace at this point without their support.  The hills were a beast and I was exhausted especially knowing there was still a full mile left on the back end of those hills.  Reba stopped off for a restroom break at the end of mile 3 and in all the discussion, I totally missed the mile marker there.  Amanda continued to encourage me every step of the way that last mile...and I totally needed it!!  I was completely exhausted at that point.  I was so very relieved when we saw the turn for the home stretch.  I picked up my pace then and headed across the finish looking for Chris (who I was so thankful to see at the end of such a draining race) and vaguely noticing the time at 58 something.  I remembered us starting at 12 something so I knew I had done pretty well, but I was too worn out to try to do much figuring outside of that.  I knew I had run under 12 minute miles, but I had no idea it was that much under.  When I saw my official time, I really was surprised and then very excited because since Race #1 (recall the 13+ pace), it has been my goal to get down to a roughly 11:30 pace.  I know I will have to work to keep myself on track with this pace, but I believe I can do it.  The test will come over the course of my next few races when I don't have my friends running with me.
Thanks, again!! Couldn't have done it without you :)
I'm attempting to conquer back to back race days this coming weekend.  That will definitely be an adventure...stay tuned!

Andrea :)

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