Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Stadium Review - Titans

Tennessee Titans 

Name of Stadium: LP Field
Capacity: 69,143
Game Attended: versus the Jets in November 2008
Worked a game at this stadium? Yes, PPK

Outside of LP Field from across the river.
My experience at LP Field is truly a unique one.  Not only was I working the PPK event and spent a majority of the pre-game on the field, but we (I’ll get to that part in a moment) spent the entire game sitting in a section of folding chairs on the field.  Insane, right?  

Could not believe they had our group seated on the field for the entire game - craziness!
Me and Dad during the game.
A little game action - Jets v Titans
I grew up just two hours north of Nashville so working this game around Thanksgiving was ideal.  My parents and youngest brother drove me down to the stadium for the event.  As it turned out, they were able to help me tally scores and sit in the designated section on the field since several of the participants didn’t end up showing for the event.  Pretty neat how that worked out!

My dad and brother helping me tally PPK scores.
Anyway, the main thing I remember from the game (keep in mind that being seated on the field…while it might sound exciting…really puts a damper on being able to see a game) is the mascot.  It was a raccoon which was interesting enough in itself, but he made more wardrobe changes than one would think possible in a 2.5 hour time frame.

A little blurry, but apparently the pilot of a rocket ship.
Suddenly has become a sideline photographer.
And now a pilgrim with a sidekick turkey - Happy Thanksgiving to all :)
I remember watching most of the game via the endzone video board.  Thrilling, right?

In the end, the best story of this experience belongs to my dad.  He shook hands with Brett Favre!!!   Well, sorta.  He actually shook hands with a member of the Jets personnel that had just shook hands with Brett Favre, but he couldn’t have been more excited!  Truly classic story...especially when Dad tells it :)

Who would have ever dreamed he'd wear this shade of green?
While I definitely don't feel like I got a true feel for the stadium itself, the experience was one of my better ones.  It helped that the weather was great and my family (except poor Jordan who opted not to make the trip) was able to be in on the fun.  Maybe someday I'll sit in the stands at this stadium, but until then I'll be happy to have had the folding chair field level view!

Andrea :)

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