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30 before 30 - Month Four Recap

 write letter to family or friend

I sent the letter to my best friend from college, Ashley Gail, this month.  We met my freshman year at Georgetown College.  We lived on the same floor in Knight Hall, but we met at a bible study.  I was leading the study and mentioned something about harvest time.  Ashley thought that was hilarious and the rest is history.  She is such an amazing woman and friend.  I only wish we lived closer to one another.  She is the best!

Andrea Lynn and Ashley Gail celebrating my birthday last summer :)
3 monthly goals 

1) Catch up with at least one friend each week.
Week 1 - I was able to catch up with one of my old roommates from college, Brianne.  Chris and I were actually able to meet up with her and her boyfriend, Ryan, in person later in the month.

Me and Bri at the end of a fun night in Charlotte.  Full recap to come!!

Week 2 -  Hurricane Sandy distracted me this week, but I did hear from lots of concerned friends via facebook, text, and email.

Week 3 - I gave my BIG (shout out to Phi Mu), Hayley, a call this week. I hadn't talked to her in awhile so it was great to catch up!  She is about to have a little baby boy in January.  I am looking forward to seeing her in a couple of weeks when I am down in Kentucky.

My Phi Mu Family in Spring 2002 the semester that I pledged - Hayley is in the blue next to me.

Week 4 - I caught up with another one of my old roommates from college, Maggie.  It is always great to touch base with her.  She has been a dear friend for many years now.  Hopefully, we will have a chance to meet up soon!  It has been far too long since we've seen each other in person!

Nashville - 2009

2) Get 25 followers on the blog.
Done plus some!  Yay for having 32 followers now!!  Excited to keep growing.  I have been participating in more blog hops and linkups.  I also invested in some sponsorships on other blogs and intend to start a blog facebook page at the start of the New Year.  Any other suggestions on ways to grow are welcome!

3) Sort through and recycle all my old magazines.
Done.  Felt so good to check this one off my list of things to do.

facetimes with Brinley

Facetime 1 - On Halloween, I was able to facetime with my sweet little niece.  She was a ladybug.  So cute!  She was doing all sorts of fun things that night - eating some food, taking a tubby, and playing in her little bouncer.  She is getting SO big now!!

Borrowed this from my sister-in-law's facebook page :)
Facetime 2 - I sent Brinley some little Thanksgiving treats via mail so I was able to see her mom and dad give them to her.  She seemed to like them.  She immediately put the stuffed turkey in her mouth.  Definitely a good sign, right?  I also gave her a little book.  She was so good while we facetimed.  Just looking at me and playing with her toys.  She is such a doll!  I am so excited about seeing her IN PERSON later this week!!

Date Night 

Chris and I had a fun date to the Aquarium in Coney Island planned, but Hurricane Sandy came and messed that up.  Since we missed that weekend together and went out of town on a weekend getaway to Charlotte another weekend, it didn't leave us much time for a regular date night.  I did have a chance to make us a great meal that we enjoyed during a night in catching up on tv shows via the DVR the Friday evening before our Charlotte trip.

yummy ham, sweet potatoes, and mac and cheese

We also went to see Grace on Broadway today.  It was a very interesting play.  I'll do a full review of it soon, but we really enjoyed it.  Great acting, too!

Girls' Night

I decided on Solera for our Girls Night this month.  It was good to get to catch up with Reba and Amanda.  I still didn't get a picture of us, but I did get one to represent the evening.

I marked 2 items off the list!!

 5 - don't eat at any fast food restaurants for 30 straight days (done 10.11.12 to 11.9.12)
 2 - attend football games in (at least) 2 new stadiums: 1) Ravens (9.27.12) and 2) Panthers (11.11.12)

Andrea :)

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  1. What a CUTE niece!!!! Aren't nieces and nephews the BEST??!! I think my only suggestion to you on growing your blog is comment, comment, comment!!! Thanks for sponsoring me!!!