Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas in Kentucky

I can't believe it is the last day of 2012!!  Doesn't seem possible!  Thought I better get in my Christmas in Kentucky recap before we head into 2013!  Hope you all have fabulous plans for ringing in the New Year!  Chris and I are headed to Albany to celebrate with friends...super excited! 

But back to Christmas in Kentucky...

On Christmas Eve, Mom, Dad, and I drove from my hometown of Livermore to Lexington where my brothers live now.  We got to Jordan's in the afternoon and started right in on the holiday fun by decorating cookies.

Then we headed over to Southern Lights to see the cool light displays.  I had never been before.  It is a very popular and well done display.  We all enjoyed it!

On Christmas, my sister-in-law had to work so we waited until she got home to have Christmas dinner and open presents!  Dad and I went to see Les Miserables in the afternoon.  It was a great story!  I'm not a huge fan of musicals turned movie, but it was very well done.  Great actors...and singers!

Christmas dinner was delicious and watching Brinley attempt to open gifts for her first Christmas was quite exciting!!

I got lots of great stuff from my family as well - gift cards, a couple books that I am exciting to read, a few DVDs, a mixer and some cookbooks, scrapbook stuff, and a whole slew of other fun goodies!!

The day after Christmas (and the next couple after that, too!), we all stayed at Jordan's.  Dad and I went to see Life of Pi one day.  I met up with one of my best friend from college, Ashley Gail, for lunch at Chick-fil-A one day.  We went shopping on more than one day.  And, of course, I spend lots of quality time with that little girl so very much!

And finally, on the 29th, I returned to NYC.  Chris picked me up from the airport and later that night we exchanged gifts.  He got me an IPad Mini.  So excited to start using it!!  It will be perfect for traveling.  He also got me a really cool book about Oscar winners. And ironically, we both got one another a card game version of trivial pursuit.  Too funny!  We finished out the weekend by seeing Django Unchained last night.  Much more of a comedy that I expected it to be when I saw previews.  Very good acting as well...a little bloody/violent in parts, but worth seeing for sure!

That about rounds out my Christmas in Kentucky (and briefly in NYC!).  It was a great time!  Look forward to being back there in May for my little niece's first birthday!!  It will be here before I know it the way time is flying these days!

Hope you all have a safe and exciting New Year's Eve!!  What are your plans??

Andrea :)

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  1. LOVE making cookies every year like those :) Glad you had a good Christmas!