Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday Stadium Review - Bills

Buffalo Bills 

Name of Stadium: Ralph Wilson Stadium
Capacity: 73,079
Game Attended: versus Jets in fall of 2011 with Jordan, Christopher, and some of our Bills fan friends
Worked a game at this stadium? No.

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Buffalo has always been one of the cities (and stadiums) that I looked forward to visiting.  I had heard lots about it ever since I met Christopher because many of his close friends are Bills fans.   

We started our time in Buffalo right...with wings at Anchor Bar the night before the game!  Delicious!

The next day, we headed to the stadium early for some tailgating action.  Buffalo is one the cities known for their tailgating.  They did not disappoint.  The fans were staging a white out that day and there were a group of tailgaters we saw in all white painters uniforms.  Too funny!  Anyway, we had fun people watching and catching up with each other before we headed into the stadium to watch pre-game warm-ups.  We had a big group - my brother, me and Chris, Chris' former roommates and hardcore Bills fans - Matt and Cara, and their friend, Nathan - a Canadian Bills fan!  I wish I had taken a group picture, but I didn't.  There were three of us supporting the Jets and three supporting the Bills.  That definitely made for an interesting afternoon!

Pretty good view of the stadium behind my brother and me :)
The game was very high energy since it was a division rivalry.  The crowd was almost entirely full of Bills fans though.  I was not very surprised by this, but it did make for an interesting game especially since my brother, Chris, and I were not in the beloved home team's colors.

I don't see much green in those stands, do you?
Jordan, me, and Christopher representing the winning team for the day!
Overall, I had great time at this game.  It may or may not have helped tremendously that Chris's Jets won the game :)  Seriously though, we had a wonderful time at this stadium.  Definitely a stadium I would revisit in the future.  And somehow, I'm pretty sure I will.  Just have to be sure it's before the weather gets too cold!

Andrea :)

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