Thursday, December 20, 2012

What's in my bag?

A few weeks ago when Ricci posted about what was in her bag, I was definitely intrigued!  So glad she decided to do a link up!

Without further is what's in my bag....

I definitely manage to pack a lot in there!  I am traveling home for the holidays as well so it is extra full today.  I'll try to sort out the items for you now.

I try to stay organized with my checkbook, an extra memory card for my camera (for the record, I don't usually carry around one of those, but I think I might need it with that cute little niece of mine this Christmas!), and one last Christmas card on the far left.  Next comes my phone and camera followed by my swipe card for work and my wallet along with a little Notes notepad.  This is where it starts to get a bit crazy (I'm sure you are thinking, what does she mean starts...haha).  Anyway, there is a little pouch for change and my keys, my sunglasses in a handy little pouch, and an apple.  On the side closest to the camera, I have some eye drops and hand sanitizer (NFL Draft edition from work).  Of course, there are some random pens, a sharpie (never know when you'll be getting an autograph in the Big Apple), a tide pen, and a root beer candy stick.  Then on the far right side in the pockets, I have gum, business cards, chapstick, and powder.  I also have a hidden (and apparently least according to TSA...who had to run my purse through the scanner three...yes, THREE...times) flash drive and bobbie pins.  Who knew, right?  I think there are also some napkins in the bottom somewhere.  I usually keep a little stash of those in there as well. that you know what is in my bag, I would love to hear about what is in yours!  Link up with Ricci and let us know!

Andrea :)


  1. Haha...this is fun! I've been using smaller over the shoulder purses recently so I don't carry as much. I'm sure there's still some random stuff in mine, though.

  2. AWESOME POST!!! Thanks for linking up!!!