Monday, December 3, 2012

New Stadium + Wedding Fun

This Weekend, I...had a blast even if I did spend four nights in four different cities (thanks to Christopher for pointing that out in the cab back from the airport around midnight last night)!!

On Thursday night, my brother and I went to the Falcons-Saints game in Atlanta.  I had been there all weekend for a work conference so it was fantastic to be able to finally relax, have a little fun, and see some of the city.

Georgia Dome with Jordan
On Friday, he drove us to Kentucky.  I got to see my awesome and adorable little niece along with a couple of friends before Christopher finally arrived in Lexington around midnight.

Me and Hayley (my Phi Mu Big Sis)!  She's having a baby boy in mid-January.  Doesn't she look amazing?
Words can't describe how much I love this little girl...SO much!!
Had to make a stop here with my BFF, Ashley Gail!!  Love it when they are HOT!
Brinley stayed up past midnight to see Chris :)  We gave her this stuffed soccer ball!
My precious little 7 month old niece!!
On Saturday, Christopher and I packed up the car and headed to my hometown of Livermore, Kentucky.  We made a brief pit stop at home for some yummy Moonlite BBQ sandwiches before heading over to Owensboro with my parents for a wedding.

Aunt Mary Ruth and Chris are best buddies :)
Posing with mom and dad!
Leslie and Jarrod cutting the cake!
Posing with the beautiful bride!!
On Sunday, we went to my home church for the morning service and met up with some family at Cracker Barrel for lunch before mom and dad drove us down to Nashville to catch our flight back to NYC.  It was great to see everyone!!

Buck Creek Baptist Church
Needless to say, we were exhausted when we went to bed last night!  It was a great weekend with lots of great conversations (car rides will do that for you every time) and fun!!

What did you do this weekend??

Andrea :)


  1. I made a wreath Saturday and worked and grocery shopped on Sunday. No where near as fun as all this!!! :)

  2. Oh my goodness, your niece is so precious! :)

    And I really love the green dress you wore to the wedding, super cute! :)

    I didn't really do much of anything over the weekend. It was Will's 2nd birthday, but we all weren't feeling so well, so it was a laidback cupcakes and cuddles kind of birthday! :)

    Hope you have a great day, Andrea!

  3. We had a fun time with you and Chris on your visit home. See you soon!