Thursday, August 1, 2013

10 Easy Steps to Celebrating the Big 3-0

Now that I've been 30 for a full week, I figure it is about time I let you guys in on all the fun I had celebrating it!!  I might be biased (maybe just a little), but I did it pretty darn well!!  And lucky for you, I've outlined some easy steps for you to follow...

10 Easy Steps to Celebrating the Big 3-0

Monkey Cake from Amy's Bread along with some Sprinkles minis

1 - Celebrate early, late, and often. 

I began my celebrations nearly a week before my actual birthday!  On the Thursday before my birthday (July 24 - for those interested in keeping track), my best gal pal in Kentucky went to great lengths to make sure I had a fun time at my first 30th birthday celebration!

The next night we ventured to a play (The Search for Tinker Doyle) at an outdoor theater - the Pioneer Playhouse - in Danville, Kentucky.  It was SO much fun...even though the mosquitoes really managed to gobble me up during the first act!

2 - Celebrate with family.

That Saturday, my family made sure I felt super special by celebrating again!  This time with a trip to a local steakhouse - Malone's - and a cookie cake!!  It was all SO yummy!!

And, for good measure, we ended the night with some sparklers!!  Yay for July birthday fun!

 3 - Sneak in a celebration at the monthly Girls' Night. maybe girls' night didn't completely revolve around my T minus 2 day milestone birthday, but we did find a way to work some of Reba's yummy birthday fudge into the occasion.

 4 - Take the day off from work.  

This is a MUST do task.  Seriously.  And if it happens to fall on a weekend, you've just saved a vacation day so thank your lucky stars!

5 - Start your day with a run.

Ok...maybe only do this if you are trying to be a good girl and follow your marathon training schedule :)  Or if you feel the need to prove to yourself that you can still do all the things you did in your 20's. 

6 - Relax.

Eat some mini-cupcakes, watch TV, fix your favorite meal for lunch, read a book, go shopping, open gifts.  Or...if you are it all!!

7 - Find some festive treats, preferably sticking to a central theme, for all the awesome friends that show up for birthday drinks.

I decided to go to Flute Bar because I wanted something fun and sophisticated!  Flute is a champagne bar.  I had a great time seeing lots of friends - both old and new!

It only made sense to me that I bring some macaroons from Laduree for everyone to enjoy :)

8 - Celebrate with your significant other!

Chris took me to dinner at Bobby Van's Steakhouse...which was SUPER tasty!  Then we came back to my apartment and celebrated with some yummy cupcakes and a movie (Identity Theft was our pick for the night)!

9 - Thank all your FB friends for the birthday wishes!  

After all, they did remember your special day...and all on their own accord, too :)

10 - Celebrate with friends!!!

The weekend after my actual birthday, a group of friends helped me celebrate by participating in Accomplice: New York - part game, part theater, part tour!  Everyone had an absolute blast!!  We loved it!  I don't want to give any part of it away in order to not spoil the fun for others, but it was a scavenger hunt of sorts that started at the south street seaport.

We walked all over downtown Manhattan seeking clues and having fun.  I would definitely recommend it to absolutely anyone!  I really don't think it is possible to be disappointed!  The actors were fabulous, occasional food and drinks were included, and we solved the mystery!  Doesn't get better than that for a 30th birthday adventure!!

Afterward, friends came back to my apartment for cake and ice cream.  It was such a wonderful afternoon with amazing friends!!

I did manage to squeeze one more day of birthday fun in with a home cooked meal from Chris' mom after church on Sunday!  But then, unfortunately, the celebrating finally ceased.  

I feel extremely blessed to have such wonderful family and friends that helped me celebrate this milestone birthday!! I had the absolute best time celebrating this year!!  Can't wait for all the fun that my 30's are sure to bring!!

Andrea :)

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  1. Sounds like an amazing time, Andrea! Glad your birthday week was a success. :)