Thursday, August 22, 2013

30 before 30: Final Review

When I made my 30 before 30 list just after my 29th birthday, I wasn't sure exactly how much progress I would be able to make on it in just one year's time.  Roughly a month after my 30th birthday, I must admit I am super proud of all the items I was able to mark off the list.  I am a firm believer in writing goals down and telling others about them being two of the most vital pieces to actually achieving them.  I think my progress on the list is a great example.  I really enjoyed pushing myself on some of these items.  And I loved putting together the monthly recaps for the items that were recurring from month to month.  I loved it so much that I wanted to do one last final review of each item...mostly as a reflection for myself to be honest! we go!

1 - read 12 books: 1) The Water Giver 2) Breaking Back 3) Four Perfect Pebbles 4) Gone Girl 5) Eat, Pray, Love 6) The Time Keeper 7) Semi-Sweet 8) Mind Gym 9) Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead 10) Before Ever After 11) A Friend Like Henry 12) 102 Minutes

2 - attend football games in (at least) 2 new stadiums: 1) Ravens (9.27.12) 2) Panthers (11.11.12) 3) Falcons (11.29.12)

3 - complete Year 2 (done March 2013) and Year 3 scrapbooks (layout done June 2013)

*I haven't technically finished this one, but most of the work is done!

4 - prepare (at least) 10 new dinner meals: 1) sliders and tator tots 2) ham and sweet potatoes 3) grilled cheese and soup 4) loaded baked potatoes 5) cheeseburger pasta 6) penne alla vodka with chicken and broccoli 7) roast beef and carrots in crock pot 8) turkey bacon pizza 9) french toast 10) pumpkin alfredo ravioli

5 - don't eat at any fast food restaurants for 30 straight days (done 10.11.12 to 11.9.12)

6 - go to (at least) 6 broadway shows: 1) War Horse (July 2012) 2) Grace (Nov 2012) 3) Annie (March 2013) 4) Lucky Guy (April 2013) 5) The Call (May 2013) 6) Cinderella (June 2013)

7 - send one letter a month to friends/family

8 - visit England with Chris (might happen in the fall, but at least have reservations by July)

*We leave TONIGHT!!  So excited for the adventure!!

9 - read through the entire Bible

*This one was a MAJOR fail.  I started and had great intentions, but I did not follow through.  It is also on my bucket list so I will continue to work on making this one a reality.

10 - complete a couple's study with Chris (began The 5 Love Languages study in Spring 2013)

 *We are only about halfway through the book so far.  June and July were super busy travel months for us, but we plan to finish it soon.

11 - sort through clothes/shoes and make donation (done Aug 2012)

12 - blog more frequently - participate in more challenges, giveaways, etc.

13 - be able to comfortably run an 11-min mile at a 10k event

*This one was also a MAJOR fail.  Somehow instead of getting faster, I think I have gotten :(  Regardless, I am still running so I guess it isn't a total loss.

14 - run (at least) one half marathon (signed up for one, but it got!)

*To be honest, I was pretty upset about this one.  I looked far and wide to find a half marathon that fit with my travel schedule for this summer and was pumped when I found one in Pittsburgh - where we have lots of friends.  I was so bummed when it got canceled.

15 - visit friends in Chicago

16 - visit friends in DC

17 - plan a really interesting/exciting/fun way to celebrate turning 30

18 - purchase (or receive as a gift!!!) Spanish Rosetta Stone and begin a journey to fluency

19 - give Brinley a unique 1st birthday gift

20 - work on being more assertive and confronting issues/people when I feel I've been wronged

21 - set 3 goals each month and work diligently to accomplish them

22 - sign up for improv classes

*So Chris and I attended a one day class in August, but I am still planning to do a 6-8 week classes...sometime soon.

23 - watch all the Best Picture nominees prior to the Oscars: Reviews - Part 1 and Part 2 and My Picks

24 - FaceTime with Brinley (at least) twice a month - hope her parents are on board :)

25 - make better use of Twitter (follow me - @alhadventures)

26 - explore (at least) 6 new places/areas in NYC - 1) West 4th Street area 2) downtown courthouse area 3) Williamsburg (Brooklyn Brewery) 4) Dumbo (Smorgasburg) 5) Brooklyn Botanical Garden 6) Greenwich Village (Barrow Street Theater)

27plan (at least) one fun date night each month

28 - try (at least) 6 new foods: 1) meatloaf 2) asparagus and artichoke ricotta ravioli 3) homemade cranberry sauce 4) salad 5) split pea soup 6) white pizza

29 - join Instagram (done August 2012 - username: alhadventures)

30enjoy (at least) one girls' night each month

Andrea :)

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  1. Great job accomplishing these! You got a lot done :) Have fun in England, can't wait to read about it! :)