Friday, May 9, 2014

Five on Friday


I was super excited to see Kelvin Benjamin get drafted in the first round last night.  He participated in our National 7-on-7 Tournaments for three years when he was in high school.  I remember talking to him then about keeping the important things first.  I'm hoping he does well in Charlotte with the Panthers, but only time will tell.  I'll definitely be cheering for him though!


Speaking of the draft, Christopher and I will be attending tonight.  I am excited to be inside Radio City for all the action.  This is the first year since I started at the League that I wasn't able to work the draft on Day One so I am extra excited to be a fan tonight! 


I am running the UAE Healthy Kidney 10k on Saturday morning.  This race is a special one for me each year since I personally know a handful of people that have experienced serious kidney issues in the past.  Thankfully, each of them are doing well now!  I plan to donate $1 to The National Kidney Foundation for each minute I am on the course this year.  In the past, my time has been 1:19/1:20 for the 10k distance in Central Park.  I'm hoping for closer to 1:15 tomorrow, but mostly I am hoping for an injury free race!


After one week, I am doing really well on my four week fit challenge goals.  I have done my exercises each day without too much issue.  I have been dilligent with recording what I am eating on my fitness pal - though I had a couple of not too great days when I was traveling for work earlier this week.  I am sticking with it though!  The running goal has been the most difficult to meet, but the extra couple of days at the beginning of the month have me least for this week.


I am already super excited for next weekend.  The countdown is on to seeing my family (every single one of them!) and having lots of meetings to work out wedding details in Louisville with Christopher!  It should be a great weekend!  As of today, the countdown is officially on...

Andrea :)  

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