Friday, May 30, 2014

The Four Week Fit Challenge - Recap

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I am excited to join Erin and Kristin for this recap link-up! 

Overall, this challenge was a success for me.  It gave me goals to focus on and strive toward.  I felt like I well surpassed my expectations for this challenge in two of the categories, but I didn't really do super well on the other one.  I guess two out of three is progress though!  Gives me something to continue to work on going forward!

Here is a recap of my progress on my three goals:

1) Go for a 2-6 mile run AT LEAST three times a week.  Racing season is back so I want to make sure I am properly preparing for a number of shorter (10k or less) races I have on the horizon.

This was my failure.  I think I managed one run each week.  I had a 10k race in the middle of the month which went surprisingly well for me considering I just wasn't feeling it from pretty much the start.  Otherwise, my month was just jam packed and super busy.  I know that isn't a great excuse, but I just haven't felt like running much lately.  I have a full race calendar in June though so hopefully I can find my grove again soon.

2) Complete each of the following 30-day challenges for arms, abs, and lunges.

Done. Done. And Done.  I could not have been any more proud of myself for sticking in there with these workouts.  There was only two days that I had to push it over into the next one, but I did double duty those two days to ensure I got all 30 workouts in!  These were not easy...especially toward the end, but I can totally tell a difference in my arm strength for sure.  I am going to research some additional options for similar, but new challenges for next month.

3) Track my eating habits on My Fitness Pal.  I have done this in the past and it really helped me to think about what I ate before I ate it.  It's time to dust off that helpful app again! 

Done. I tracked everything I ate for the whole month!  I had a few terrible days, but also a few great ones.  Going to try to keep this one up as well.

Looking forward to seeing all of your recaps today!  I just know you all did great! 

Andrea :)


  1. You go girl!! Sticking with all 3 of those workouts for a month is impressive!!! I might try one of those out for June! :) Good luck with your running next month.. I'm ready to rock June, too!!

  2. Great job! And congrats on your 10 k too! :)