Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Runners Tell All: Favorite Running Photo(s)

I am so happy to be linking up with Amanda and Beka for this awesome monthly link-up!
I've done race recaps on pretty much all of my races over here, but today I'm highlighting my top five favorite race photos for you!

It's always fun to run with friends!  This was taken just before my first official 5K race!  Who knew it would lead to all the other running fun over the past five years? 

Roughly a year after my first 5k race, I managed to convince my brothers to run a half marathon in Chicago with me.  We were all training in different locations, but would talk about things that worked and didn't work over the couple of months leading up to the race.  We didn't end up running the actual race together, but we finished within 5 minutes increments from youngest to oldest.  I treasure this photo of us exhausted, but oh so happy to be done!

That November, I ran a turkey trot.  I trained hard for this race.  I was determined to meet my goal of finishing in under an hour...and I made it!  I was so proud of myself!

Fast forward three years to 2013 when I completed the NYC Marathon.  The race itself wasn't near as difficult as the training, but I wouldn't trade the whole experience for the world.  I intended for this to be my one and only marathon.  However, missing my goal time by a slim margin has me thinking I might give it another shot next year...

The NYC Half Marathon has been on my to run list for the past couple of years.  I managed to get into the lottery this year and thoroughly enjoyed the race.  Even though I had a short window of training time, I worked hard to be at my best and it paid off when I set a PR by over 5 minutes at the race in March!

What is your favorite running photo?

Andrea :)


  1. Great running pics! And congratulations on your huge PR in the NYC Half!

  2. Your pictures are fun! I love that you and your brothers all trained and ran the same race together. That's really neat! Great job on your running and girl - go get that 2nd marathon! You can do it!

  3. I would love to run in NYC! I bet that's amazing. That second picture is my favorite, though. Such a great memory and photo to have :) Glad you linked up with us again this month!

  4. I love your casual "oh here's me, I'd just managed my first 5 miler, now let's fast forward to me FINISHING A MARATHON". Great pics from a great collection of race distances, thanks for sharing! :)