Saturday, May 31, 2014

Mini of the Month: May

When I saw that Neapolitan was the mini of the month, I was bummed.  I never liked Neapolitan ice cream...and I was guessing this wouldn't be much different in cupcake form.

I really like vanilla and strawberry both separately and together, but when you add chocolate to the mix it just doesn't taste right to me.  But after reading the ingredient list, I opened my mind and decided to give it a shot...

Ingredients: White Vanilla Cake, Strawberry Stuffing, Chocolate Icing, & Pink Chocolate Drizzle

Unfortunately, it was a miss for me.  I liked it a bit more than I anticipated, but it wasn't great.  I didn't really taste the strawberry at all, and the chocolate was just too overwhelming in the mix for me.  Maybe it would have fared better in my book if the stuffing was chocolate and the icing was strawberry...

Do you like the Neapolitan flavor?

Andrea :)

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