Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My Legacy...


A familiar term...and one that carries a huge weight.  I remember hearing it so many times at sorority meetings in college.  Being a legacy is a major deal when you went to a college that was at least 85% Greek.  So...since I wasn't one, maybe it lost a bit of its relevance for me during those years.

But now...far too removed from college to admit...I've given it a considerable amount of thought. 

Who am I? 

Better yet, how would I like to be remembered when I'm no longer able to be whoever it is that I am?

It's heavy.  It requires much thought.  Far more than I have given it, but I do have some ideas.

I want to be known as one that kept her word.  If I said I would do it, then count on it to be done.  Dependable, Reliable, Consistent.

I want to be known as thoughtful.  Someone who gave gifts with meaning.  Someone who cared about those around her.  Someone who was searching for a way to help others.

I want to be known as creative.  Innovative, Unique, Thinking outside the Box.

I want to be known as loyal.  Particularly when it comes to family.  The family that Christopher and I recently formed and the one that has been mine for the past 31 years are my very backbone. The bonds are thick...and tried...and true.  I am fiercely loyal in general, but also specifically to this group.

I want to be known as a learner.  Always reading, curious, motivated. 

I want to be known as a traveler.  Interested to see new places, try new things, experience new cultures.  Never afraid of the unknown.  Always looking for another adventure.

Most of all, I want to be known as a Christian. I hope that people would know that He is the reason for my kind heart, giving spirit, and loving nature. After all, there is no greater legacy than Christ.

What legacy do you hope to leave?

Andrea :)

Write or Die Wednesdays


  1. Andrea! I'm so happy that you linked up with us! :)

    I love that you want to be known as someone who keeps her word. It's definitely something that is hard to find in people these days! From what I know about you already, I think you are well on your way to establishing your legacy. Big hugs!

  2. Andrea,

    Thank you for joining us today for Write or Die Wednesday!

    I love that you pointed out that it is a heavy thing to think about. It surely is! And even if we think we know what our legacy will be, I guess we will truly never know :)

    Dependable, reliable and consistent are great qualities. I have to remind myself at times to be more of those things, cause I admit, I can be wandery/flaky.

    Thoughtful gifts are the best! I don't know which one is better, being the giver of a thoughtful gift or the receiver!

    Where are some places you'd love to travel that you haven't been to yet?

    Again, thank you for joining us! We hope to see you next week :)