Friday, November 21, 2014

Runners Tell All: My #1 Fan

This one was a no-brainer for me.  Christopher is without a doubt my #1 running fan!  My parents and brother Jordan's family tie for second since they came to NYC and trekked around the city (with Chris for a guide) when I ran the marathon last year.  But, back to my #1. 

Chris has been supportive of my personal endeavors from the beginning.  When we were long distance, he would often come to the city during peak racing months because I had weekend races to complete.  He would always come watch and cheer for me!

Now that we are in the same city, I feel it's a bit much to expect he be at every single little race. (I run a lot of 4-milers.) But I have told him many times that it makes a HUGE difference to me when I know he is there for support!

I have my last race of the year this weekend, and despite the potential low temps this time of year, he's gonna be there for me!  I can't wait to see him as I near that finish line!!

Thanks for all your support, Christopher!  It really does mean the world to me to have you out there cheering me on to the finish! 

Andrea :)


  1. It really is the best to see someone waiting at the finish line! Love that he is so supportive of your running. :)

  2. I love having support from my friends and family and races, but I'm even more grateful when they come to the freezing cold races. True fans don't complain about freezing their butts off while you run. ;) Since Christopher has agreed to attend a race later this year (during super freezing times) he is obviously a true fan!

  3. Aw, that's awesome, so glad that Christopher is always there to support you! Hope you have an awesome weekend! xo

  4. LOVE IT. So sweet. I love his huge smile for you :) What a good fan you have. Thanks for linking up! Hope you had a great weekend!