Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Long Distance Years: 2010

I've thought about this a lot.  And the best way for me to share our story is to start from the very beginning.  We had quite a journey leading up to our recent vows.  We began that journey together WAY back in 2010.  You've likely already read about our first date, so I'll start from there...


We had a handful of dates during these months - a couple dinner and a movie nights, a Brooklyn Bridge and Grimaldi's pizza adventure, and an exploration around Albany.  We also met one another's parents!  Perhaps a little early for most, but mine were in town and we weren't sure when they might be back up in New York so we just went with it.  We sure did pack a lot into those first few months!!

During the Albany exploration with my parents...


We attended our first wedding together on the 4th of July.  Little did we know it would be the first of MANY we would attend over the next few years!  We also celebrated my birthday!  Seems like ages ago that we danced the night away with friends at PS 450.

At Dave and Susan's Wedding :)

Happy Birthday to ME!!


We hit up the US Open and a US Soccer match.  And made a trip to Pittsburgh where I met all of Chris' closest friends (this trip was actually mentioned in one of the toasts at our fun!).


We went to our second wedding and made another trip to Pittsburgh for a football game.

All smiles at Mary and Dave's wedding...


We went checked out covered bridges in Vermont, went apple picking, and dressed up for Halloween.  Attended another wedding.  And another soccer match...Red Bulls this time.

At Larri and Ro's wedding in upstate New York...


We visited Chris' friends in Boston and saw lots of awesome penguins at the aquarium.  We also went to our first Bengals-Jets game together...and went to see Lombardi on broadway. 

The J...E...T...S won this one :(


We made one last trip to Pittsburgh in the early part of the month so I could cross another stadium off my bucket list.  Then, Chris came to Kentucky just before the New Year to meet my brothers and some other friends back at home.  We rung in the New Year at my cousin Tricia's!


Andrea :)

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  1. What a sweet love story beginning, I am excited to follow your journey of love :)