Friday, July 1, 2016

Our June Date Nights

June flew by in an absolute blur. We were ecstatic on the 18th when hand-in-hand we finally crossed the finish line of the Queens 10k - our 1st together!  Before that point in the month, our lives seemed to revolve around our final training runs.  The last couple of weeks have managed to be much less busy.  It wasn't the least bit ironic that Chris' date night for this month revolved around soccer since he's been lost in soccer land for most of the month.  I found an intriguing storytelling event courtesy of The Moth.

The day after our 10k, we headed out to watch the Red Bulls take on the Seattle Sounders.  Unfortunately, they were missing Clint Dempsey due to his participation with the US team during the Copa America games.  We weren't there to cheer him on anyway, but it still would have been fun to see him play.  The Red Bulls, according to my much more knowledgeable husband, didn't play well.  They still managed to win the game 2-0 so I was impressed.  Mike Grella scored both goals - one in each half.  I was secretly hoping for a hat trick.

It was fun to watch the game together even though I'm not quite the regular fan like Chris.  He took time throughout the match to explain various aspects of the game to me which was nice.  We sat nearby the supporter groups and a bit of a fight almost broke out once.  The supporters kept me almost as entertained as the players.  We had a fun night...especially since the Red Bulls were victorious!

For my date night, I went a non-traditional route. Recently, I happened across a podcast called The Moth that features true stories told live.  As I explored their website, I found a section that indicated live events.  (They have these live events nationwide so check it out to see if there are opportunities near you!)  I stalked the site and grabbed tickets as soon as they went on sale.  Since tickets only go on sale one week prior to the event, I was banking on the fact they would go quickly.

Due to a quick stop at the SoHo Georgetown Cupcake location, we arrived at the venue just prior to the event's start time.  The tickets indicated that the doors opened an hour beforehand so we ended up having to stand for the duration of the evening, but we still had a really great time.  The hostess for the evening set up the ground rules for storytellers as she interjected her own true life tales and humorous quips.  Judges were assigned and storytellers began to be drawn out of the bag.  We heard 10 stories total - all with the central theme of "Ditched".  Each was interesting.  There were three or four really good ones in the bunch.  Only one kinda missed the boat.  Overall, it was a super fun night.  Definitely something that both of us have interest in attending again.  Each event has a different theme and the price of admission was only $12.  Honestly, it was one of the more unique, inexpensive, fun events I've experienced in the city.  Highly recommend you check it out!

Do you have any fun summer dates planned?

Andrea :)

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  1. Wow, the Moth thing sounds so interesting! Definitely not a traditional date night, but one that seems like a good experience to have with someone.