Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Big Apple Tour with Mom & Dad: Part One

When my parents visit the Big Apple, they sure do make the most of it. We always find something exciting to do when they venture up to the city. This time, we started with a free informational and historical tour of St. Patrick's Cathedral. The tours all begin at 10am though the day of the week varies. The amount of knowledge the guide provided was incredible. We really enjoyed learning more about the beautiful structure. The most interesting Saint we learned about was St. Anthony - he helps when you need to find something that has been lost.

Later in the week, we made our way out to Coney Island for some Nathan's hot dogs and a whirl on the Wonder Wheel. Mom decided not to try the Wonder Wheel when we noticed that the carts actually move as the wheel turns. Dad and I gave it a go, but were terrified once we started moving. We survived, but not without a few yelps along the way. After briefly watching the ocean waves, we were off to the next adventure.

Our sporting event for the trip involved a short train ride to Jersey for a NY Red Bulls soccer match. Chris was excited to share his wealth of soccer knowledge. Mom and Dad hadn't ever been to a soccer match, but they seemed to enjoy it. We even managed to see a couple goals - double the fun!

I made a rice krispie cake for Dad's birthday...and he even found his way to the infamous Marilyn Monroe grate to celebrate!

Stay tuned for part two later this week...and I'll be having my own version of Broadway week on the blog next week!

Andrea :)

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