Friday, October 7, 2016

Five on Friday!


I was ecstatic when Sarah Rodriguez selected me to be part of her book launch team! I have followed her journey for years and am completed mesmerized by her strength and courage as she has overcome so much in such a short time.  When I received my advance copy of From Depth We Rise, I absolutely couldn't stop reading! It is a beautifully written love story. A love story filled with happiness and joy as well as sacrifice, pain, and loss. Sarah's journey from a single 20-something headed off to the adventure of New York City to a single mother of two back home in Oklahoma is a true page turner. The book is divided into two sections - The Depths and The Rise. Both are written in a way that allowed me to become completely engrossed. This story of faith and God's blessings amidst tragedy is certain to speak to your heart. And be sure to keep some tissue at hand because there will be tears with each twist and turn.  Go HERE to grab your copy - it is worth EVERY penny of the $8.52 paperback price!


About a month ago now, Chris and I decided to cap off our summer of running with the Sunnyside One Mile Run. It was a tad unorganized, but we survived it. I prefer the NYRR 5th Ave Mile, but it was nice to support some local Queens charity groups.  Not so much fun to include a hill in a one mile fun run...


Another book I'd set my sights on long ago was The Light Between Oceans. When I began to see the movie previews for it, I decided I better get busy reading.  As it turns out, I ended up going the audible route. The book was good, but definitely a bit slow in places. I saw the movie with my friend Rachel the afternoon after I finished the book...and it was a bit slow in places, too. The movie was fine, but (as usual) I much prefer the detail of the book. The movie left out a handful of info that helped round out the light keeper himself, but overall it closely mimicked the book.


As we move into fall, I've been doing a bit of reflecting on summer. Chris turned me into a bit of a running spectator this year. It might have been on accident, but it happened nonetheless. Chris discovered that he was best able to train and prepare as a runner when he had a race scheduled.  Besides the one mile run I mentioned earlier and the 10k race we ran together in June, he completed four additional races over the summer months. I am incredibly proud of him. It was a lot more stressful than I realized to be the spectator part of a couple. I'm not great at spotting people in large crowds so I was consistently concerned I would miss him at the various checkpoints we'd set.  I didn't, but the worry never ceased. I was so happy to be cheering him on to his goals race after race.


We saw our final show as 2nd Stage Theater season ticket holders a couple of weeks ago. The Layover proved quite interesting though we both agreed we weren't too keen on the ending. We couldn't put our finger on exactly how we had hoped it would end, but what we saw on stage wasn't it.  Otherwise, we really enjoyed the play. As season ticket holders, we have loved our experience each time we attend a 2nd Stage production. It has truly become our go to spot!

How are things in your world?
Read any great books?
Run any fun races?

Andrea :)

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  1. You're such a good cheerleader wife :) Good job to him for finishing so many races!