Thursday, October 6, 2016

Big Apple Tour with Mom & Dad: Part Two

As I mentioned in part one, when Mom and Dad visit they sure do make the most of it. Along with all the fun I talked about before, we took a Circle Line Cruise around the island of Manhattan, watched Sully at the 42nd Street movie theater, and spent some time taking in the gorgeous views at One World Trade Observatory.

I was a little leery of the Circle Line Best of NYC Cruise when Mom expressed interest, but it turned out to be one of the highlights. Definitely worth the price of admission. Although, in retrospect, we probably should have sat on the lower deck because we had to really strain and contort ourselves to see everything from the covered upper deck. Other than that, the guide was full of knowledge and always kept us intrigued with stories about each area as we passed through. My favorite part of the tour was passing by Long Island City and seeing our building, but it was also neat to see the Statue of Liberty and the more spacious and grassy areas of upper Manhattan. We also passed through an Amtrak train track crossing area where the bridge holding the train track had to be opened and turned for us to squeeze through. Quite an endeavor to say the least.

Near the end of the tour, our guide briefly discussed the impact of the flight that landed on the Hudson a few years ago. His version only varied slightly from what we witnessed the day before when we watched Sully at the 42nd Street movie theater. It truly is amazing how quickly emergency personnel responded to the downed flight as well as how capable the pilot was in landing safely.  The movie was worth a watch though a bit slow in a few spots. My buddy Tom Hanks is one of the best so I am always happy to support him by seeing his work!

Our final exciting adventure was a trek to take in the beautiful views of One World Trade Observatory. We purposefully arranged to be there just before sunset so we could see the city in daylight AND all lit up. Again, it proved fun for Chris and me to attempt to find our apartment from such a high vantage point. We attempted to get a photo with our building in the background before descending back to street level. Dad even answered a trivia question the guide claimed he'd never had a guest correctly answer before. Bonus points go to anyone that knows the official name of Lady Liberty. Any guesses?

Stop in next week as I present Andrea's Adventures version of Broadway Week. We saw three shows together, but I also recently saw two solo as well. A full week of Broadway reviews is headed your way!

Andrea :)

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  1. How fun! I would love to come back to NYC and experience it, the two times I have been have both been stressful and not enjoyable! I need a NYC redo!