Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Broadway Week - Cats

When Mom and Dad visited recently, we all took a trip to the Jellicle Ball one night. Cats was intended to be the highlight of their visit. The set was beyond amazing - so unique and interesting! The show itself wasn't our favorite though. We enjoyed seeing some of our favorite cats, but the story seemed to drag a bit. Those cats needed a little more pep in their step...or something!

We didn't take advantage of it, but at intermission the audience members were allowed to go on stage and take photos with Old Deuteronomy. As we discovered, they only let a certain number of people on stage so we decided to just watch the fun from our seats. Speaking of our seats, we were in a section that ran along the entrance/exit route for a handful of the cats so we really had some up close encounters throughout the performance.

Leona Lewis is currently playing Grizabella, but we didn't think she performed all that well the evening we saw the show. My all-time favorite cat is Mr. Mistoffelees, but I also liked Gus (the theatre cat), Jennyanydots, and Rum Tum Tugger in this performance. Although, in the end, we weren't blown away with the performance as a whole. However, if you want to see an extraordinary set and some fantastic dance numbers then Cats is the show for you!

Have you ever been to the Jellicle Ball?

Andrea :)

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