Saturday, October 15, 2016

Fall Film Challenge Update

I managed to finish all 25 movies from my original fall film challenge list in time for the bonus round list that will be released today. Below are my general thoughts for the movies on my original list.

one. about adolescence - Dope (3 stars - neat characters, weird story, good message)

two. about a character's rebirth or rite of passage - Pitch Perfect (1 star - annoying characters)

three. about a comic book character - X-Men: The Last Stand (1 star - unlikable characters, choppy story line)

four. shot or set in Washington, DC - J. Edgar (2 stars - I like Leo, but it needed a little more action, very slow overall)

five. set in an academic environment - Heathers (3 stars - creative story, unique characters)

six. about failure - Burnt (2 stars - moved along too slow, didn't enjoy the characters)

seven. about a man vs. God or gods - War Room (5 stars - excellent story, well told)

eight. about a man vs. himself - Southpaw (4 stars - unique spin on the age old boxing story)

nine. about an invention or ingenuous individual - A Beautiful Mind (4 stars - the perfect mix of my two favorite genres - Oscar winners and true life tales)

ten. set in a jail or prison - The Hurricane (5 stars - you know how I feel about Denzel, the story is intriguing as well - a little mystery goes a long way)

eleven. about a dog - Scooby-Doo (1 star - dog movies just aren't my thing...even if they are animated)

twelve. about loss - The Lovely Bones (5 stars - enjoyed this one a lot especially after reading the book, suspensful and emotionally charged from beginning to end)

thirteen. about man vs. man - Ricochet (5 stars - Denzel again!, love the psychological thriller aspect to this one)

fourteen. about man vs. nature - 127 Hours (3 stars - horrifying to watch in a handful of scenes, could have been a bit clearer regarding dream sequences vs flashbacks)

fifteen. one that has a monster or monstrous individual - Monsters University (5 stars - cute and funny, great story for the whole family)

sixteen. shot or set in Pennsylvania - Rocky (2 stars - glad I finally watched it, but it wasn't anything all that spectacular really)

seventeen. about a character's quest of some kind - Black Hawk Down (4 stars - great action film about leaving no man behind on the battlefield...regardless of the circumstances)

eighteen. about a character who goes from rags to riches - Straight Outta Compton (3 stars - interesting look at the beginnings of the rap group NWA, enjoyed seeing the peaks and valleys)

nineteen. about a man vs. society - Falling Down (1 star - it was a struggle to get through all of this one, completely unrealistic)

twenty. originally released in the 30's - It Happened One Night (2 stars - predictable and very slow, but I'm sure it was more appreciated in its day)

twenty-one. about undesirable individuals or elements - The 33 (2 stars - interesting true story tale, but moved slowly, probably could have easily cut 30 minutes from the film)

twenty-two. about a voyage and return - Letters to Juliet (1 star - unrealistic story with mostly unlikable characters, interesting concept with the letters though)

twenty-three. about wizards or witchcraft - Now You See Me (4 stars - as a fan of magic and mystery this one sucked me right in, definitely plan to watch the sequel soon)

twenty-four. originally released in the 60's - In the Heat of the Night (3 stars - enjoyed trying to solve the crime, fair depiction of the race issues of that day, slow moving though)

twenty-five. about a yearning or obsession - The Boy Next Door (2 stars - expected this one to be a total flop, but kept me in suspense on the ending even though the premise was beyond silly)

Have you seen any old (or new) movies lately?

Andrea :)

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  1. i posted the bonus last night, lady. i'm SO impressed with you! nice work. :]