Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Stadium Review - Browns

 Cleveland Browns 

Name of Stadium: Cleveland Browns Stadium
Capacity: 73,200
Game Attended: versus Colts in November 2008
Worked a game at this stadium? Yes, for a PPK event.

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This stadium appears to be built similarly to the Bengals' stadium.  Perhaps because the Brown family began here before starting up the team in Cincinnati.  Regardless, they resemble one another.  The one thing I distinctly remember about Cleveland Browns Stadium was the cold.  The stadium is practically located on Lake Erie and that does not make a good match in November.  My brother (a Browns fan..I know, it is hard to believe!) was able to come for the game.  He attended along with his wife, one of my friends from college, Danielle, and her (now) husband, Michael.  I didn’t get to visit with them much since I was working, but I know they were bundled up out there.

Me and Jordan on the field pre-game
Jordan and Jen
Danielle and Michael
While I wasn’t able to enjoy the game from the stands, I did spend a good deal of time walking around the concourse levels and the bowels of the stadium.  They were both very easy to navigate. The stadium was nice.  The fan base seemed fairly calm and good natured…well, unless you got too close to the Dawg Pound :)

You can see all three tiers of the stadium in this one.  Even though the top looks a little empty.

Outside the stadium...freezing!!
I wouldn’t mind going to see a Battle of Ohio game at this stadium someday.  Preferably in September!
Andrea :)

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