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Sunday Stadium Review - Rams

 St. Louis Rams 

Name of Stadium: Edward Jones Dome
Game Attended: mid-November in 2009 versus Saints
Worked a game at this stadium? No, but I was in St. Louis for work meetings then stayed for the game

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The Rams pre-Sam Bradford, the Saints pre-Bountygate - I saw two totally different teams than what play today.  But the game was great....shockingly close.  These Saints were undefeated at this point in their season and the Rams truly gave them a run for their money during this game.  These Saints also went on to win the Super Bowl that February.  And I didn't know it then, but I would be seeing these Saints again...actually two more times before the season ended.

But on to the game, I went with a friend and was able to get us field passes.  I have been on the field for who knows how many games, but it is always great to experience it with a first timer.  The joy, the awe, the excitement :)  Here are some of the pre-game pictures I took.

You know I represent with the black and orange on Sundays...even if I'm not watching my team :)
Steven Jackson - beastly!
Saints warming up before the game!
Unfortunately, I didn't get many good inside shots of the stadium, but I remember thinking it had a great atmosphere.  Especially for a team that was expected to get demolished in the game.  Lots of excited fans and a very friendly and welcoming environment.  I really enjoyed watching the game.

My only good picture of inside the dome.
If you ever venture to St. Louis for a Rams game (or a Cardinals game for that matter), but sure to visit the Arch.  It is a fun attraction just down the street from both stadiums.  There is also a cute little park nearby the arch with lots of statues and ponds.  I'll leave you with a couple of my sightseeing pictures :)

 Andrea :)

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