Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Linking up with Sar for some Thursday Thoughts...

(1) Cancer is THE enemy!  Especially when it takes children before they've had a chance to grow and live and just enjoy so many of the normal, everyday things that we take for granted.  Lane Goodwin, who I blogged about here, gained his angel wings yesterday.  He was a true hero!  I was so amazed and truly touched by his global reach to spread awareness in his last month of life.  His family has plans to start a foundation so I'm interested to find out more about it in the coming months.  I wish this horrible disease didn't exist.  It is truly tragic.
(2) On a lighter note, I just love Sara Bareilles.  Definitely becoming one of my favorites.  Mostly thanks to my Adele Pandora station ironically enough!  *Note for anyone buying me Christmas presents this year:  I could see myself pretty thrilled to own her Little Voice album :)

(3) I am excited that the weather hasn't become too cold yet.  Trying to hold onto fall for as long as possible because these Northeast winters are no joke!  Hoping to get in at least one decent run outside this weekend!

(4) Couldn't be more excited to have 15 followers via GFC now.  I know that is beyond low for most of you fine folks, but I am way pumped!  My goal was to get 20 followers by the end of the year, but I may have to reassess.  Either way, I am taking #12 on my 30 before 30 list to heart and attempting to become a more active blogger.  I am loving it!  When I reach my goal, I want to reward myself by finding out how I can get a button made.  It might be simplier than I think...

(5) I'm also starting to get the hang of twitter and instagram.  I know, I know.  Am I from the Stone Age or what?  Maybe I'm just an old fashion pen and paper kinda gal.  Regardless, I am definitely making the effort!  You can find me on both - @alhadventures!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! 

Andrea :)


  1. i am wanting it just to cool down yesterday it was over 90 degrees here, i want fall weather! don't worry you aren't in the stone age with twitter and instagram i dont' have either and not planning on it anytime soon

  2. Your #1 about Lane gave me goosebumps. Praying for his family and the ones that loved him.

    Going to follow you via Twitter right now! (I'm @lovelovelovesar)

  3. found you via a tweet from Chronicles of Chaos! Glad to follow!

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