Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Stadium Review - Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars 

Name of Stadium: EverBank Field
Capacity: 67,246
Game Attended: December 2011 - MNF match-up with the Chargers the week following Coach Jack Del Rio being fired
Worked a game at this stadium? No.

Outside of the front of the stadium - love the statue!

One of my mentors had been working as Special Teams coach at Jacksonville for a couple of seasons.  I kept telling him I wanted to get down there to visit him and check out the Jaguars at home.  (He had graciously offered me tickets to Jags-Giants and Jags-Jets games when they came to New York in previous years.)  When the fire started getting hotter for Jack Del Rio, I knew Chris and I had picked the right season to make the trek to Jacksonville.

We had some fun around town before and after the game, but the game itself was quite an experience.  First of all, it isn’t often that MNF comes to Jacksonville so the crowd was amped.  We had great seats on the corner of the endzone.  The one thing we both noticed almost immediately were the tarps covering much of the upper level of the stadium.  I had never seen anything like that in my stadium quests and was honestly surprised by how much of the stadium they needed to cover with the tarps. The game was only competitive briefly so by the end of the third quarter there was hardly anyone left at the stadium.  That was also a strange feeling.  We were actually able to find my mentor’s wife and family based on him only giving us the section number prior to the game.  That is how empty the place got….and quick!  Regardless, after the game, we did some post-game tailgating with my mentor and crew.  It was great to see him even though I wish the circumstances had been much different.
One of the tarps is directly above my head in this picture.  They covered the entire section.  This picture was taken in the fourth quarter, but check out the non-existent crowd :(
Loved the big board.  There was one at each endzone.
Here are some of our pics from the other Jacksonville area adventures.  Definitely check out the Jacksonville Landing if you are ever in the area.  Neat spot.  We were there at the wrong time of the day, but I bet it is hopping at night!

Jacksonville Landing
Loved the palm trees outside the factory!
99 bottles of beer on the wall conveyer belt :)
Tons of shops (and tourist traps) in St. Augustine...
We had a fun little excursion down the road about an hour to St. Augustine!
Andrea :)

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