Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Stadium Review - Ravens

Baltimore Ravens 

Name of Stadium: M&T Bank Stadium
Game Attended: Thursday Night Football (9.27.12) against the Browns with my brother, Jordan
Worked a game at this stadium? No.

This past week, my brother Jordan and I experienced live football on a Thursday night for the first time.  It was fun!  My brother and his family had spent the week visiting the DC area and trekked over to Baltimore to pick me up from the Bolt Bus on Thursday afternoon.  We spent the day at the Inner Harbor.  It was awesome to get to play with Brinley for a few hours before heading to the game.

Cute as a button in her new stroller :)

Jordan and I took a shuttle to the game around 7pm.  By the time we arrived, the stadium was already full of Ravens fans.  Jordan is a Browns fan.  You could count on one hand the other people we saw wearing Browns gear.  It was actually pretty impressive to see so many people devoted to their team.  We found our awesome seats down around the 40 yard line 11 rows up from the Ravens bench.

Ray Rice being introduced.
Before the rain started its steady downpour

The stadium was nice.  I really liked the fact that the big screens were stretched out across both endzones instead of tucked away in the corners.  They likely lose more seating space this way, but it is really a great feature of the stadium.  The only annoying thing was that the big screens didn't incorporate the score.  You had to look at the ticker around the middle of the stadium for it.

This was a big game for us - our first Thursday Night Game and the first game back for the regular officials after their lockout.  The crowd was pretty intense probably in part due to both of those reasons as well.  We didn't have any issues rooting for the visiting team though I think we might have if our seats had been in a different section or the visiting team had won the game (which almost happened...well, they had the opportunity to tie the game in the final seconds).  However, I was not surprised to hear fans complaining about calls from the officials.  Seems like it doesn't matter if the real officials or the replacement officials are out there - the people won't ever be satisfied.  I'll leave you with a couple more pictures of the stadium itself.  Despite being rained on for pretty much three hours straight, we had a great experience!

First game back for the officials
Soaked, but still smiling

Andrea :)

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