Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Letters


Dear Weekend -
Thank you for arriving.  That is all.  Just thank you!

Dear Weather -
Could you pretty please with a cherry on top turn to spring?  I'm begging!!!

Dear St. Patrick's Day -
Even though I've been celebrating you for a couple weeks now thanks to a little package my parents sent, I can't wait for you to officially arrive on Sunday!  I'll be sure to wear green for you!

Dear Christopher -
These next couple of weeks will be rough, but I am looking forward to all of our upcoming plans.  We'll make up for these few weeks then.  I love you!! :)

Dear Body -
I don't think you got the memo that I don't turn 30 until this summer.  You are already breaking down on me.  First, issues with my my shoulder.  Are you trying to frustrate me?  Cause it is working...

Dear Brinley -
I booked my flight for your birthday this week.  I am OH SO excited to see you again.  You are doing all kinds of new things.  I have hated missing out on all the fun these past few months.  I am well overdue for some auntie loving!!  I'm counting down the days little girl!

Dear Family -
I am excited to see you guys, too!  Just not quite as excited as I am to see little Miss. I think you understand.

Dear Readers -
I'm hoping that you already follow me on Bloglovin'.  If you don't, please take this as a welcome invitation to do so.  I would be more than happy to have you following along there!

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Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

Andrea :)

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