Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Guilty Pleasure...

Linking up with Lauren and Tiffany for Tuesday Topics....
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I am sad to see our Tuesday Topics coming to an end this week.  Hopefully, there will be another round again soon!!

As far as guilty pleasures go, mine is most definitely CUPCAKES!! 

If I could, I would have one everyday.  I love making and decorating them.  I love the mini ones.  I love the ones with toppings.  I love finding the the best cupcake in town when I travel.  I love them ALL...well, except maybe chocolate ones...not a huge fan of those!


What is your guilty pleasure??

Andrea :)


  1. OMG same!!! I try not to eat sweets and I am not a big cake fan but I can not resist a cupcake!

  2. I just love eating them! I am not great at making or decorating them, but boy can I eat them!! And what do you have against chocolate cupcakes?!? ;-)

  3. Haha I knew before I clicked the link on FB that you would say cupcakes! hehe. :) I love them, too. Small, perfect packages of yummy goodness. ;)

  4. Mmm...cupcakes! Most people's guilty pleasures are making me hungry. :)

  5. I love cupcakes too!! I love the yellow cake with frosting. Mmm :P

  6. Cuppycakes! Guilty pleasures - thin mints from the freezer! YUM!

    I want to participate in the next round of Tuesday topics!

  7. Mmm cupcakes are definitely a guilty pleasure. And brownies. Really fudgy ones. Mmm!