Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sevilla, Spain

Back in 2008 (gee, that seems like so long ago), I was sent on a work trip to Sevilla, Spain.  For a meeting.  For roughly 30 hours.  The work part of the trip was exhausting.  I mean, how exactly did they expect me to stay awake for hours of meetings when I just flew across the Atlantic?  Fortunately, I made a weekend out of it and spent an extra day in Sevilla before heading over to Berlin for a day (more on that another week though).

We actually connected in Madrid so when we finally made it to our hotel in Sevilla, I was more than ready to check things out.  We arrived in the late afternoon so I looked around the hotel before I headed to check out the nearby area.  I was so surprised to see palm trees.  It was July...and I knew it would be scorching hot, but I just never imagined palm trees.  The hotel was nice.  And I found a great little tapas bar nearby with lively music.

It didn't take long for the jet lag to kick in so I headed in for an early night since our meeting was set for the next day.  The meeting took most of the day, but I was free to explore a little more in the late afternoon.  I wandered around looking in neat shops, stopped in a few churches, and eventually made my way to Seville Cathedral.  It was amazing!  So many intricate details throughout the whole place.  I spent at least a couple of hours there.  So beautiful!!

Bottom Left: Proof I was there...posing in front of the bell tower

I headed off to London late that night for my connection to Berlin.  The main thing I remember about Sevilla was the heat!  It was SO hot there!!  And unfortunately, my time there was very short.  Definitely interested in going back to some of the other cities in Spain at some point.  Maybe during winter though :)

Flowers in hotel; Airport; Quick meal before leaving (everything else was closed); Painting on the wall of a building

Have you been to Spain?  What city would you recommend visiting?

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  1. Spain has always been my dream itinerary....also Germany for I have promised a penfriend I would visit her. I still don't have the money though. Oh....maybe someday.

    I've been to Singapore and Hongkong.

  2. I'm jealous! I want to go to Europe. I had to live through a friend of mine who studies abroad in Spain and she visited tons of other countries while she was there.

  3. I have been to Spain but never to Sevilla! It looks beautiful! I went to Barcelona, Madrid, Toledo and Zaragoza and loved every minute.

  4. I am going to spain this summer!! we are planning on going to Madrid and Barcelona! can't wait for tapas!!

  5. Andrea, your pictures are absolutely beautiful! I'm a huge travel buff myself and love history. So the cathedral looks incredibly wonderful!


  6. Wow, I can`t believe they sent you there for just 30 hours! But it looks like you really made the most of it. I hope to make it to Sevilla one day :-) I love Spain!

    My travel tuesday post: Some Snapshots Blog

  7. Great pictures. You managed to see a lot within 30 hours. Awesome.

  8. Ah just amazing! I am so hoping to go this summer to Sevilla! Thanks for linking up!