Friday, May 24, 2013

30 before 30 - Month Ten Recap

 write letter to family or friend

This month I sent a letter to a friend I have know since elementary school - Michelle!!  I remember sitting with Michelle, Julia, and Lindsey at lunch all through elementary school.  Michelle and I remained good friends through middle school and high school as well.  One thing I always remember is going to school on Friday dying to talk to Michelle about *F*R*I*E*N*D*S* - we LOVE(D) that show!!  We weren't in as close contact during the right after college years, but we were fortunate enough to reconnect when she and her husband moved to Pittsburgh recently!  It just so happens that I frequent Pittsburgh due to having lots of friends there now through Chris and somehow always managing to get sent there for work.  We've had fun catching up a few times there and a couple times in NYC.  The best part about it all is that we have always been able to just pick right back up where we left off.  I love that!

3 monthly goals

1) Find a roommate for the summer.
Done.  I found one for mid-June to mid-July. Ideally, I was hoping to have someone for June-August, but as it turns out I think this will be best.

2) Layout Year 3 scrapbook.
 Not Done.  I do have all the pieces just ran out of space and time to get it all put together this month.  Maybe next month though!

3) Run at least three times a week.
Sort of Done. I started out strong with this one, but this last week I have really fallen off the wagon.  Planning to get back out there next week though!!

facetimes with Brinley

I spent a few days hanging out with little Miss Brinley in person at the beginning of this month so we only actually did one facetime, but I'm ok with that because playing and laughing in person was amazing!!  You can check out the post I did about her 1st birthday here.

During the facetime earlier this week, I got to see Brinley do something really cool - walk!!  She did that for the first time over the weekend so I was pumped to be able to watch her via facetime on Monday night.  She was so energetic and seemed much more steady on her feet already!  She also was doing these funny little spinning moves while she was sitting on the floor and was all over the places and getting into everything as usual.  She is such a precious little busy girl.

Date Night

Chris and I had date day out in Brooklyn at the end of April.  We spent the afternoon at Smorgasburg in Dumbo, Brooklyn.  

It was such a fun time! Smorgasburg is an all-food market.  Basically, we roamed booth to booth looking for different and exciting dishes to try out.  We found lots of fun stuff from pigs in a blanket to teriyaki balls - our favorite of the day!

We also enjoyed some sweet potato tots.  And who can forget dessert - a huge ice cream sandwich and made to order smores!

Girls' Night

This month we went to a fun little spot in midtown to catch up!  They even gave us free popcorn!  Yay!  It was great to catch up with everyone especially since we all have very busy summers ahead of us!!  We all have some fun trips on the horizon, too!  It was great, as always, to get together with these lovely ladies. 

I marked 1 item off the list!!

19 - give Brinley a unique 1st birthday gift (check out the post here)

There are a few others that are getting close to being done!  And I'm also resolving myself to the fact that there will be a few items that come down to the wire and a few that will end up being carried over into my 30th year, but I'm ok with all of that because I have really made some awesome strides on the list so far!  Check out the 30 before 30 tab to see my progress on the full list.

Andrea :)

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