Friday, May 3, 2013

Triple Crown: Leg 1 - The Derby

For a Kentucky girl, there is nothing better than the Derby!!

 Back in 2010, I ran a triple crown of my own. 
It was SO much fun to go to each of the big races.

For the first leg, I made the journey back to my old Kentucky home.  My friend, Reba, met me there.  We picked up some rain boots and headed to Louisville with my family for a day of muddy fun in the infield!

We brought chairs so we staked out a spot as soon as we arrived and set up camp there.  We took turns walking around to get food, Mint Juleps, and just generally to check things out.  It was definitely a fun experience, but the next time I attend I plan to be in a seat in the grandstands...somehow!

Thank goodness for ponchos!  There were some pretty heavy rain storms in between gorgeous rays of sunshine!  Even though there were portions of the day that were just miserable due to the weather, it was an overall fun day!  It was an interesting first experience with the Derby to say the least.

From our location we were only able to watch the actual Run for the Roses as it passed through a small section of fence in front of us.  We watched the rest on a huge screen nearby. I actually picked Super Saver to win...and he did!  I was so pumped to win even though it was only $18. 

This year, I'm going with Revolutionary to take the roses.  Calvin Borel is one of my favorite jockeys.  He was actually riding Super Saver when he won back in 2010.

  Who are you expecting to win?

Andrea :)

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