Tuesday, May 21, 2013


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I am so glad to be back for a new round of Tuesday Topics!!  Yay!

Ten Things That Make Me Happy

1 - Simply put, God.  He always amazes me.  He always provides for me.  Even when I get angry at Him, He finds a way to make me happy in the end.  He is truly indescribable.

2 - Christopher makes me so very happy!  Our time together is never enough.  He is such a great match for me, and we make an awesome team!  We compliment one another in such a natural way.  No matter what is going on, Chris can always find a way to brighten my day.  He has a special knack for making me smile that I can't really explain!

3 - There is no other group of people that have the ability to make me more happy than my immediate family.  I have my own special bond with each of them and love them all so very much!  I only wish I lived closer to them.  They are by far my favorite people to be around.  Even though we drive each other crazy from time to time, I laugh harder and experience more joy with them than with any other group of people I could assemble.  They are amazing!

4 - Friends, but not just any old friend.  The friends that are there for you, that you can count on in the clutch, that inspire you, that are genuine.  Only those friends really make me happy.

5 - Cupcakes are my ultimate weakness.  I find them wherever I go.  And they always make me happy!

6 - Running.  This is an odd one, but there is freedom in running.  An ability to clear your mind.  To think about what you want to think about.  To not think at all.  I'm not fast (and sometimes that makes me unhappy), but I know that at the end of the day I'm doing something positive for my body...and mind.

7 - Traveling to new and different places is a true passion for me.  I love learning, and travel is one of the best ways to learn.  I live for it!  Check out my travel page here.

8 - Football.  I am quite passionate about football - the game, the camaraderie, the fanfare, the atmosphere, the discipline, the players and coaches.  Seriously, love it!  I like other sports, but nothing compares to football.

9 - You'll never see a more pure expression of joy on my face than when I finish a scrapbook or somehow manage to capture the perfect photograph.  Both things bring extreme happiness to me.  I think it's because of my love for history.  Scrapbooking and photography are the ultimate ways to capture history in my opinion.

10 - Last, but most certainly not least, birthdays bring me happiness.  Of course, my own is great, but I honestly love celebrating with others as well.  I love picking out a gift or card.  I love surprising people.  And most recently, I loved seeing a smash cake celebration!  Why is it that we only let one year olds do that anyway?

What makes YOU happy?

Andrea :)


  1. Those are all wonderful things! I love to make cupcakes but not eat them, ha ha, is that weird?
    Happy Tuesday!

  2. definitely agree with God,family & friends! they make the world go around!

    birthday are always fun to help celebrate too :)

    thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. I am super passionate about football! Love! Haha tell Kenzie I will eat her cupcakes! I don't like to make them, but I sure love to eat them! ;-)

  4. I love 'happy' lists!!! :) There is just so much to appreciate in life that we should take more time to! I also LOVE how much you love football!! :)

  5. I completely agree with this list as long as you get rid of running and football. ;-)

  6. This post made me smile :) so much happiness!

  7. Hi Andrea! Thanks for stopping by my blog :) Your list looks really fun, too! I can never have too many cupcakes and running is so therapeutic for me, too!