Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Run As One

Race - Run As One
When - April 28 at 8:30am
Time - 50:07
Pace per Mile - 12:32

Being my first race of the season, I was plenty nervous about how it would go.  Fortunately, I was pleased with both my time and the way I felt at the finish.  The weather was perfect in the mid-50s, and the race went much better than I thought it would. I know I definitely pushed myself though.

The first mile was exactly 12 minutes.  

My second was around 12:30, but I stopped at a water station for a drink and walked very briefly there.

The third mile is the most difficult with three consecutive hills. I ran it a little closer to 13 minutes.

My final mile was around 12:30.  I was cruising on the downhill and sprinted to the finish. I had decided when I hit the 3 mile marker that I wanted to finish at/under 50 minutes.  By my clock I did, but my official race time had me at 7 seconds over.  Good enough.

Christopher is so great about supporting me at so many races!  So thankful for him!

It was great to be back out on a timed course.  I'd like to knock my time down roughly a minute over the course of the next couple of months.  I am hoping to be able to get in some good runs as I prepare for two upcoming 10k races in May and June.  I know I can do it, but it will require some dedication and hard work on my end.  I'm up for the challenge though!

Andrea :)


  1. Congrats! I love seeing how enthusiastic people have been getting lately about running. You should look into the Electric Run. I'll be running that one in July, and it's going to be super fun!

  2. You go girl!!! I've done a few 5ks before, but it's been well over a year since I did a timed course. I just signed up for one on June 1st that my friends organized and I'm super excited about it!! :)

  3. Awesome job, girl! Glad you had perfect weather too. Keep working at it, you'll be able to knock that time down too!