Friday, April 11, 2014

My Brothers

I managed to miss National Sibling Day yesterday, but wanted to dedicate my post today to the two best brothers that anyone could have - MINE! 

Visiting me in NYC the first winter I lived here back in 2007!

These two have been my partner in crime for many years now.  Don't get me wrong, we've had our knock down, drag out fights...but we are the best of friends these days.  I know that I can without a single doubt count on these two to listen to my craziness and try to help me in any possible way.

Running our first half marathon together in Chicago in 2010.

We've had lots of fun memories as our family traveled the 50 states together over roughly two decades during our younger days.  And even though we are rarely physically all in the same place at once anymore, these two are my best buddies.  They have fun enjoying the perks of my job with me and always find a way to accommodate me when I travel back to Kentucky for a visit.

Celebrating Bubsa's high school graduation with a trip to Cedar Point.

All smiles on Hawaii's Big Island...

Family Trip to see the massive Redwoods back in 2006.

Alaskan Cruising in the late summer of 2010...

Totem Pole forest in Alaska...

I truly can't imagine my life without these two fantastic men.  Though they can drive me crazy and aren't one bit afraid to give me a hard time, they are two of my biggest fans.  They support me, encourage me, and are happy for me - always! 

Working my first Super Bowl...and bringing my brothers along for the ride!!

Christmas 2013 with Brinley and Landon :)

I absolutely love my *little* brothers!  And I hope my little niece and nephew have the same relationship with one another as they grow up together, too!

Andrea :)

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