Monday, April 7, 2014

She's Wicked!

After seeing Idina Menzel in If/Then this weekend, I couldn't help but think of how I first learned about this super talented lady - WICKED!!  I swear I had that CD on repeat for more than a full year!  I was the definition of obessed in the mid 2000's.  I regretted not seeing the show in London when I studied abroad there for a summer so tickets to see the show were the only thing on my Golden Birthday wish list back in 2007.

I had just moved to New York City a few months prior so mom and dad were happy to meet me in Chicago for a birthday to remember.  They got us tickets in the second row of the theater.  I don't think I have ever quite had a similar broadway experience since that night.  I seriously felt like I was in the show.  And I was definitely singing every word to every song.  Definitely.

It wasn't until the spring of 2010 that I had another opportunity to see my favorite show of all-time again.  My friend, Bukola, and I got partial view seats in the orchestra.  We saw everything just as fine as if we'd paid the high roller prices, but as luck would have it at the intermission a couple in the dead center asked if we minded to take their seats since they needed to be on the aisle to make a quick exit to the airport at the end of the show.  Um, yes!  We will take those seats.  No problem at all!  How lucky were we??

Since 2010, I had been dying to get back to London and see Wicked there, but it hadn't worked out when I went with mom and dad in 2011 so I started working it into every conversation that Chris and I had that even touched on anything remotely European.  Must have worked because he bought tickets for us when we made our trip to England last year in 2013.  It was just as great the third time!

I didn't realize it until I started writing this post, but it looks like I have a trend of seeing the show every three years.  Guess that means I'll be seeing it again in 2016. 
Who wants to go with me this time?  And where should we see it?  Lots to think about these next two years! :) 

Andrea :)

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  1. Me! Me!! I have only seen it once, I am down for another show. Can't imagine seeing Idina live.