Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Salzburg, Austria

Way back in the day...well, about 7 years ago anyway...I made a trip over to Salzburg, Austria, to visit one of my friends and sorority sisters while she was teaching English as a Fulbright Scholar there.

It was a lot of fun checking out so many fun sites as we biked around the city.  We started the fun with a trip to the grocery store for goodies that we hauled back to her apartment on our bikes. 

Later that night, we took a bus to the Augustiner for a drink and some salted turnips.  Who knew salted turnips would be so tasty!


The next day, we had lots of fun site seeing around town.  We visited Salzburg's Old Town where we looked around in shops and saw Mozart's boyhood home as well as a church where he played his music.  I also found some fun souveniers in the stores in this area. 


We dined on yummy kabob and saw a couple of fountains from the Sound of Music movie. 

Eventually, we made an adventure of riding our bikes over to the Salzburg Fortress and climbed up to the top for some stellar views.

After the checking out the beautiful views at the Fortress, we made our way to Mirabell Palace and Gardens.  The Do Re Mi steps from the Sound of Music are found in these gardens.  It was neat to play on those as well as in the Gnome garden.

We headed off for Wasserspiele Hellbrunn next.  This place was a lot of fun.  The tour was in Austrian so I didn't understand a thing, but there were trick fountains everywhere.  You never knew when water would shoot out of a bust on the wall or up from a bench where you were sitting!  Additionally, we were able to check out the Sound of Music gazebo located on the grounds.


Of course, we sat on those benches before we knew water would be flowing from them!

After our tour, we made our way to visit a few more Sound of Music sites.  It was neat to see everything in person even though it had been some time since I had seen the movie. 

The nunery..

the Von Trapp house in the movie...

Just when I thought the day had been such a perfect mix of relaxing adventure and fun, my bike lost traction on a gravel road causing me to fly over the handlebars.  I ended up with a deep wound on my inner thigh and one elbow, but initally I thought I had broken my arm.  I was horrified by the thought of having to go to a hospital in another country so fortunately my friend and her roommate cleaned the wounds and bandaged me up without too much trouble.

The worst part of it all turned out to be a very damaged bike and a somewhat broken camera.  I'll take that over a visit to the hospital any day.  Didn't make for a super comfortable flight back to the US, but fortunately it happened at the end of the trip instead of the beginning.  I still made the most of the evening at a fun event called Stammtisch before I headed back across the pond the following day.

Have you ever been to Austria?  Ever been injuried on an international trip?

Andrea :)

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  1. Salzburg is one of my top cities to get to :) It looks so beautiful!

  2. Looks like you had a fun time with your friend - except for your injury in the end, of course! The bandages look pretty severe! Glad you were able to walk away from it without too many problems in the end, though! :)