Thursday, April 17, 2014

Our First Date

Four years ago today, Christopher and I had our first date.  We didn't know then that it would be our last first date, but we sure did have a great time.

Since the date was to take place in New York City, I took the lead on organizing it.  Christopher had suggested dinner and a movie.  My usual movie theater is in the thick of Times Square so I opted to find one in a calmer part of the city - Kip's Bay.  There happened to be a Brother Jimmy's BBQ restaurant nearby so I decided that would be a great place for us to meet for dinner.

We had been communicating via email for a close to two months at this point, but had only met in person once.  That one other meeting occured on April 4 (ironically, Easter Sunday).  We met for lunch with the friends that had set us up that day and truly hit it off.  Hence, the first date...

On that April 17 long ago, both of us were a bit nervous that we wouldn't recognize the other so our initial "hello" at the restaurant was a bit unique.  I had taken a seat at the bar to wait since Christopher was running late (don't worry, he let me know!) as he had gotten caught up discussing his Uncle's recent passing with his mother.  We talked a little about that initially as he was planning to make the trip over to England in the next week for the funeral.  Not exactly the most uplifting conversation to get started on, but as the night progressed we warmed up a bit.  We talked about everything from how Christopher calls his alma mater the "U" to his more than perfect vision to my love for movies.  No matter the subject we were both laughing most of the night.

It was a chilly April night because I remember we wore coats so I'm not sure why I thought it would be a great idea to get Pinkberry after dinner, but I did.  And Christopher was all in.  (I have since found out that he doesn't eat cold desserts unless it's like 100 degrees outside. Oh, the things you learn in four years'  This little excursion also caused us to cut it VERY close on time getting back to the theater.

So close that we ended up on the very end of the front row of the theater.  Not exactly ideal.  At all.  But we went with it.  We saw Date Night...and it was quite funny.  Though I'd skip the Pinkberry for a better seat if we could rewind and do it all again.

Speaking of doing it all again, that is precisely our plan tonight!  We are trying a new location, but we'll dine on Brother Jimmy's BBQ and check out Jason Bateman's new flick, Bad Words, to celebrate four amazing years together tonight!  It's the first time since that first date that we've been together to celebrate our anniversary so I couldn't be more excited to recreate the magic of that fun first date back in 2010!

Andrea :)

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