Thursday, December 31, 2015

Looking Back on our 1st Married Year!

I really can't believe how quickly this year flew past me!!  We sure did have a blast enjoying our first full married year together though - lots of fun date nights and exciting adventures!!  Here's a recap full of links to some of my favorite posts that reflect on the wonderful year of 2015...

In January, we watched lots of movies in preparation for the Oscars and saw Bradley Cooper on Broadway.

In February, we enjoyed Super Bowl XLIX and celebrated Chris' birthday WWE style.

In March, we made our way to Dallas to celebrate the nuptials of friends, enjoyed a NYC Cider Festival, and I started a book club!

In April, we celebrated the anniversary of our 1st date five years earlier and I announced my Saturday States series!

In May, we checked out an art exhibit in Brooklyn Bridge Park and I talked about my sorority girl days as a Phi Mu.

In June, we had fun with Brinley and Landon in the Big Apple and I ran my personal best in a 10k race to honor the memory of a special GC Tiger - Coach Mullins!

In July, we were moved on our trip to Mother Emanuel AME church in Charleston, had fun in Chicago at the Sakon-Cox wedding, and celebrated my birthday Finger Lakes style!

In August, we had a fun date night at Paint Along NYC and I had an exciting weekend at a Vegas bachelorette party!

In September, we showed my parents around Long Island City and spent some time reflecting on the past at the 9/11 Memorial and explored all over California to celebrate our upcoming wedding anniversary.

In October, we ventured to Madison Square Garden to watch some boxing, celebrated our 1st anniversary, and attended the final Old Girlfriends' Wedding in Dallas.

In November, I ran my 2nd (and final!) NYC Marathon and discovered audible in the process.

In December, we finally made it to the official NYC Bengals bar, saw our first show - Invisible Thread - as Second Stage Theater season ticket holders, and traveled to Annapolis to watch Chris' alma mater play in the Military Bowl!

What was your favorite part of 2015?

Andrea :)

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  1. What a great year you had! I can't wait to see how 2016 is for you!