Thursday, July 12, 2012

15 Day Challenge: Day 10 and 11

So....sadly, I have fallen behind again.  Might have something to do with this 32-team National Tournament I am running this week/weekend.  But more on that after the 15 day challenge ends.  I am determined to keep up even if I have to do it two days at a time....

[Day 10]: What is your most embarrassing moment?

Fortunately, I am not too easily or often embarrassed.  I have a great ability to laugh it off and just keep going.  However, in recent years it seems I have a terrible time with falling down.  I slipped on ice in the middle of 5th Avenue, I slid halfway across Times Square with my laundry bag in the middle of a terrible rain storm, and I have even fallen up stairs, but none of these compare to one ill fated fall way back in my early high school days.  My family and I had gone to Cracker Barrel for lunch one perfectly fabulous day.  I could NOT have been happier because that is one of my favorites southern chains.  (PS - Do you know they have one of these in the Albany, NY area?  JACKPOT!!)  Anyway, after finishing the yummy meal and looking around in the store for a bit we began to head to the car.  If I remember correctly, and I'm not sure I'd be able to live it down even if I forgot, I was happily skipping/walking out to the car when I tripped and fell.  Not only did I fall, but in the process I managed to make a huge tear in my overalls (yes, I was wearing overalls and yes, they quite possibly might have been my favorite outfit at the time).  Now if I had just got up and moved on my with ripped overall life, everything would have quickly been forgotten by my family.  Instead, I broke down crying over my ripped overalls. Crying like it was my last day on Earth.  Crying in a way that was totally uncalled for considering the circumstances.  Crying...buckets of tears. You can imagine how this would lead to my very fun loving family having a hay day at my expense....of course, only after they'd asked if I was ok.  If only I had known that would be the style just a few years down the line.

[Day 11]: What's one thing that you would never change about yourself?

I have a few things.  Sorry, I couldn't just narrow it down to one thing.  And I'm considering that a good thing :)

I would never change the fact that I am "nice".  Whatever that exactly means.  I have always been the "nice" girl.  When I was younger, it didn't seem very fun or exciting, but I have a better understanding of it now.  I like being nice.  Besides people always remember how you made them feel, right?   

On a slightly less intense note, I have never put any dyes or color on my hair.  And the color is PERFECT...if I must say so myself :)  I like to say I am a red head, but I'm not your typical red head.  I just have hints of red that are especially visible during the summer months.  In the winter, the color gets a little darker, but still has those natural highlights that I love. While I haven't always loved the texture or style of cut, the color is something that I never wanted to change.  Same goes for my eyes.  They change tint with what I am wearing, but I have always been happy they are mine when I look in the mirror.

Lastly, I would not change my accent.  Moving from Kentucky to New York (and spending a bit of time in London along the way), I have recieved many a comment (notice I didn't say compliment...although those are fairly common, too) on my "southern" accent.  To me, I don't sound THAT southern, but I know I do have an accent.  To New Yorkers, I must sound like I came straight off the farm.  Regardless of the positive and negative comments, my accent is something I am glad to be able to carry around with me.  And I must admit, it helps me out more often than not in the big city :)

Hoping I can get back on track for these last few days!!

Andrea :)

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