Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Baby Tour 2012: Full Steam Ahead

With meeting my niece behind us, Baby Tour 2012 is full steam ahead.  A couple of weeks ago, we were able to visit with Chris' college friends Fess and Amy along with their kiddos - all three of them, Rich and Melissa's little Trey (AKA Chris' godson), and Chris' grad school friends, Eric and Colleen's little one, Alanna, in the Philly area.  We left for Philly after I finished Race #8.  We made it to our hotel area around 3pm and got some yummy Chick-fil-A before doing a little shopping at Target.  How convenient, right? :)  It wasn't long before we headed out to Fess and Amy's house.  I was able to meet their two oldest boys - Ethan (5) and Braeden (3) - and we both were able to meet Luke.  Ethan and Braeden were talkative and ready to play immediately.  I have a feeling they don't meet too many strangers.  All very cute kids.  Chris briefly held Luke, but I wasn't able to snap a picture before Chris passed him off to me.  Super sad about that :(

After visiting for an hour or so, all the adults headed out to Cheeseburger in Paradise for dinner.  Melissa, Rich, and Baby Trey met us there as well.  It was great to finally meet Chris' godson.  He is such a big boy already!!  I'm glad we had the opportunity to see him now since he'll be 7 months old the next time we both see him in October!  He was so good during dinner.  We were able to hold him for a while before we headed back to the hotel.

The next morning, we were up early for Luke's Christening.  I had never been to one of these before so it was very interesting for me.   Here are a couple of pictures...

After the service ended, there was a lot of picture taking with all the little ones.  They are all just so adorable!!
Chris and his godson, Trey
Group Shot with Trey!
Chris is starting to get the hang of this holding babies thing...haha :)
Loved Luke's little outfit.  Absolutely precious!
Justin took this one prior Luke's Christening.  Great looking family :)
After the service ended, we headed back to Fess and Amy's for lunch, super yummy cake, and fellowship with friends.  And of course more picture taking with the babies :) It was a lot of fun!

Aren't they just adorable?
Eventually, we had to get back on the road so we could get back to NYC, but we did make one more stop at the home of a couple of Chris' friends from grad school.  We went to their wedding over Memorial Day weekend last year so it was pretty neat to be able to swing by and meet the newest addition to their family, Alanna Grace.  She reminded me so much of Brinley as she is only a couple of weeks older.  I didn't get too many pictures, but I did manage to get one prior to Alanna making a big mess in her diaper :)

We had such a great time meeting all these babies (and spending time with their parents), but we did realize that for as much joy as those little ones bring, they are also a whole heck of a lot of work.  Eventually, we'll get there, but for now we are happy to keep the tour moving right along.

Andrea :)

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