Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Oscar Review: Dallas Buyers Club

Oscar Nominations:
Best Picture
Actor (Matthew McConaughey)
Supporting Actor (Jared Leto)
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This was another movie that I wanted to see from the moment I saw the previews.  It was shocking to see Matthew McConaughey so thin and scrawny in those previews.  I knew that if he was willing to make himself look that way for a role, it would have to be a good one!  I was right!  Once again, this movie is a true tale.  Near the beginning of the film, you learn that Ron Woodroof (McConaughey), a Texas man, contracted AIDS in the mid 80's.  As we all know, very little was known about the disease at this time and various medical trials sprung up throughout hospitals.  Of course, not everyone was able to be included in these trials.  This is were the Dallas Buyers Club came into play.  Basically, Ron along with help from his transgender friend, Rayon (an amazing Jared Leto performance!), set up a black market to sell the drugs that were helping to prolong his life. 
I absolutely loved the film.  It provides a personal look at what these individuals had to endure in a very unknown and scary time.  It was also good to see how far the research and medical treatments for this virus and disease have progressed in the past 30+ years.  I thought both Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto more than deserved these Oscar nominations.  They both gave phenomenal performances...particularly Jared Leto.  If he doesn't win the Best Supporting Actor award, then something is very wrong.  I was blown away by his performance.  I remember watching him on My So-Called Life many years ago.  I hadn't seen much from him since then, but he came out of nowhere and just nailed his character in this movie.  This is not particularly an easy movie to watch (and there is a some nudity in a handful of scenes), but it is impactful.  I would definitely suggest watching it if you have the chance.  There are some very powerful scenes that will really make you think about how you treat people (especially when you may not know the whole story) and the value of true friendship.
Have you seen Dallas Buyers Club?  What did you think?

Andrea :)

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