Friday, February 21, 2014

Runners Tell All: My Running Story

Back in my middle school basketball days, I hated conditioning because it meant running. And that wasn't all! I moved on to high school where I joined the track team. I didn't like running any more than in middle school, but I learned a few tricks of the trade and stuck with it for the camaraderie...and a crush I had at the time :)  A few years down the line, I moved to New York. I made some great friends. Those friends ran. What's a girl to do when all her friends run?

First "real" race - a Race for the Cure 5k with friends in Central Park

I signed up for my first race because of the encouragement of those friends. These amazing ladies showed me that running is more than just a way to get some exercise. They showed me that it can be a way to challenge yourself, to build community with others, and to unwind and reflect on life. Over time, they've taught me that it's ok to not be fast as long as you continue to race against yourself. They've taught me that it's ok to set lofty goals because you just might surprise yourself with what you are able to accomplish when you put your mind and body to the test. They've taught me that it's ok to enjoy running, but even when you do, sometimes, you just have to make yourself get out there and go. 

Four years after that first race, I completed the NYC Marathon. Not very fast, but smiling all most of the way!

Andrea :)


  1. Your story was great, but let's talk about how cool runners look in those space blankets.....too legit, right?! The NYC marathon sounds so cool!

  2. The NYC marathon?! That's so cool! Love the picture. I love what you said about it being okay to set lofty goals. That's so true! Thanks so much for linking up with us :)

  3. NYC Marathon! That is a race that I think would be so fun. Thanks for sharing your story with us.