Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Coffee Date...

A coffee date with anyone? 
Easy decision for me.

I'd meet up with my mamaw.  There's a lot to catch up on with her.  She's been gone since I was a sophomore in college.  Far too long!  I'd really have to hustle to get through it all in an hour.

I know she'd love to hear about my awesome little niece and nephew (her great-grandkids).  She would have adored those two amazing kiddos.  In fact, who doesn't?  They are THE best!

Next up, she'd hear all about my wedding.  She would love hearing about it.  I would have given anything for her to have been there in person.  Wait, can the coffee date take place in the past?  At my wedding?

She'd learn all about Christopher.  Maybe I'd even convince him to stop by so she could meet him.  I know she would like him because everyone from back home in Kentucky seems to love him.  Seriously, I think they prefer him to me most of the time!

Eventually, I would get around to telling her about Bubsa. She wouldn't even know what to think about him these days.  He's not the pudgy pre-teen that she was always worried about anymore.  She certainly wouldn't believe he's all grown up in his second year of medical school.  He's changed the most of anyone she would remember.  She'd be proud of him.  Just like she always was of the three of us.

I'd tell her how we finally made it to all 50 states.  And how Dad took her (photo) along with us to those last few states she hadn't quite gotten around to visiting yet so she could be there with least in spirit.  And then we'd laugh and laugh as we recalled that wild trip to Texas we took back in the 90s.  So. Much. Craziness.

Mostly, I'd let her know we really miss her and wish she was still around to fix us yummy food and tell us all those crazy stories about her adventures.  I wouldn't have to tell her cause she'd just know that we all carry her around with us.  She's always there even though she's not. 

When the coffee date ended and we were forced to part ways, I'd think to myself that I can only hope to leave such a stark impression on my grandkids one day.

Andrea :)

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  1. Andrea, what a beautiful coffee date. So touching. I'm sure your mamaw is smiling right now, knowing you would invite her for coffee if you could. :) Big hugs, friend. You always make me smile!