Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Race Recap: Race to Deliver 4M

I was completely unprepared for this race.  Completely.  I managed a couple of indoor treadmill walk/run sessions the week of the race.  That's it.  Completely unprepared.  So...I had one goal.  Finish.  However it happened would be fine with me.  Just finish. This was my #9.  The final race to qualify me for the 2015 NYC Marathon.  It had to be finished.

We were delayed a bit on our journey over to Central Park due to train issues.  We made it to the park in plenty of time, but I wasn't quite to the corral when the race began so I freaked out a little and just jumped in as soon as I got over to the corrals instead of waiting for my group.  I was mixed in with folks intending to run 8 minute miles.  Maybe this was a blessing because I fell right in with them.  At least momentarily.

Surprisingly, running felt great.  The weather was just perfect for a late November day.  I ran and ran.  And when I needed a breather, I walked for a few seconds.  But, honestly, I didn't walk much until I got to those dreaded hills in mile 3.  I walked up those.

In the end, Chris was at the finish.  And I was thrilled to see him and learn that I managed to run 12:32 minute miles which is not bad for me even on a good day!  We also managed to meet up with a friend in the finish area as well!  Perfect timing :)

Cheers to qualifying for the 2015 NYC Marathon! 
Let the fun of training begin...

Andrea :)

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