Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Amanda's Annual Cookie Swap

In mid-December, my friend, Amanda, hosted her annual cookie swap!  I struggled to decide which cookie I should make this year.  I wanted to make something that was relatively easy since I didn't have too much luck last year with a butterscotch cookie that proved a bit too difficult for me to conquer.

After much searching, I finally decided on Rolo Stuffed Peanut Butter Cookies.  I found a great recipe over at Sally's Baking Addiction.  I had no problem following it to make these yummy treats!

The only recommendation I would have for myself if I was making them again is to make less cookies and put more dough on the top portion of the cookie.  I think this would eliminate the bump on the top of them to some degree.  It was the only part of the cookie that I would change from my batch.


At the cookie swap, I actually won second place.  Yay!  I was so excited because I have never won a prize there before.  I guess it is safe to say that the cookies were a big hit with everyone!

Did you make any new treats over the holidays?

Andrea :)


  1. Your cookies look delicious! My book club does a cookie exchange every year. This year I made Grinch cookies (peppermint flavored cake batter cookies) which came out not that great. So I also brought Congo bars, which are basically like a chocolate chip cookie in bar form, but with tons of brown sugar. They were so great! We don't award prizes though.

    I also made chocolate covered cherry cookies, Nutter Butter truffles, and sugar cookies for Santa this year. It's been a busy baking season!

  2. I attempted peppermint bark this year, it didn't turn out quit the way I had hoped! I thought about making those Rolo cookies! :) I also made Oatmeal White Chocolate Cranberry cookies, they were amazing!