Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Long Distance Years: 2012

Check out The Long Distance Years: 2010 and The Long Distance Years: 2011 to catch up!  Project Relocation was in full force, but was a slow and frustrating process!  Christopher and I were spending as much time as possible with one another and very much looking forward to being in the same city as soon as possible.


I was gone with work for nearly all of January, but Chris joined me in Indianapolis at the beginning of February for Super Bowl XLVI.  A couple of weekends later we had a blast at Caucus Weekend in Albany.  And then finished off the month with a fun birthday celebration for Chris along with our first hockey game together!


We celebrated two wonderful years together.  Our parents met for a second time when mine were in town for Easter. And we spent some time at the NFL Draft.


We had a lot of fun celebrating Cinco de Mayo with friends.  And we spent Memorial Day Weekend meeting my new niece and exploring the Muhammad Ali Museum in Louisville.


We saw some broadway shows and enjoyed a High Line picnic.  We met Chris' godson, went to a French soccer match in Jersey with friends, and celebrated my birthday.


We took our first "real" vacation together in August.  We traveled by train down to Providence for a few days.  We had a lot of fun seeing the sites, eating delicious food, and relaxing!


We made a couple of trips to Pittsburgh in September and October.  Once for the annual Pitt football game and the other time for Trey's christening.  We also visited our final covered bridge in Vermont, carved a pumpkin, and dressed in our first couples costume for Halloween!


All smiles at Leslie and Jarrod's wedding

We traveled to Charlotte in November for a Panthers-Broncos game and a visit with friends.  In December, we attended Leslie and Jarrod's wedding and rung in the new year in Albany with friends there.

Andrea :)

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