Monday, April 13, 2015

#MarriedMaitlands: Engagement Photos

Besides my amazing bridal shower, the other main reason for our September trip to Kentucky was our engagement photos - something most couples do a month or so after the decision to tie the knot, not merely one month before the big day!  But, as you have likely discovered by now, our story is certainly not the traditional one.

Due to conflicts in schedule and a debate on our end whether or not we even needed/wanted engagement photos (turns out they were included in our package), the stars didn't align for us until much later than normal.  It had already been an insanely busy weekend for us with the shower and meetings to finalize nearly every detail with our reception venue and then our month-of wedding planner, but we were excited to meet the photographer and capture some great shots!

Matt and Wendy Wooley of UnVeiled Weddings are based in Lexington so that's where we took the engagement photos.  We started off on Market Street in Gratz Park.  We took some photos nearby a patriotic house, some in front of a home with a brightly colored door, and others in some park areas.

Next, we moved on to a nearby alley area.  We got some of my favorite shots with a church in the background and a few more in the brick alleyway.  We even found a window with horseshoes that turned out to be a great background.

We lost the sun by the time we reached our final destination, but we still got a few fun shots.  These were probably my least favorite though.

Overall, we had fun with one another during the shoot.  And the photographers were good about getting the photos back to us quickly which was great since we planning to use them in conjunction with our unique guest book at the wedding!

Andrea :)

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  1. Such beautiful photos, Andrea!! And I still love your red shoes. :)